Causes Of Cancer

Most deceases are a result of the environment, behavioral exposures, or human lifestyle. Though it is impossible to determine the exact cause of cancer, researchers throughout the globe have found many things that link to cancer, such as:
• Smoking
• Alcohol
• Diet
• Obesity
• Sun and UV
Environmental is a term that refers rot anything outside of the human body which has direct interactions with natural resources.
Upon a further look, we can conclude that the sun and UV are natural factors that one can protect yourself from its effects through direct exposure to air pollution, or sunlight that may be encountered indoors, outdoor, at a workplace, or virtually anywhere else.

Sunburn And Cancer

Skin may burn once it interacts with the UV rays from the sun. The effects may be different, the effects may be delayed, but once noticed that indicates the damages caused to the DNA of your skin cells. This can increase the risk of developing melanoma skin cancer. The symptoms may vary from person to person but may be identified due to color change in the individual’s skin. Uv rays that make their way from the sun, and can damage your skin even on cooler days, since one cannot feel it make its way through your skin.
According to the Skin Cancer Researchers throughout the world, it only takes five severe sunburns to increase the chances of developing melanoma cancer. As terrifying as this statistics may seem, they are necessary to help you develop a better approach to skincare.
Long exposure to UV radiation from the sun to your body can damage your genetic cells, once enough damage has built up it can cause the decease to start growing rapidly, which can lead to severe damages. Though we all possess healing power, the amount varies amongst individuals. Some of the damage can be left behind and can ultimately cause cancer.

Can Skin Cancer Spread?

Skin cancer has the potential to be infectious and could spread across the surface of the skin. Being as how the cancer cells can tear apart and start to grow under parts of your body, your chances of developing a tumor may also increase. If caught in the early stages, this may be beneficial in terms of treatment.

Can Cancer Be Prevented?

Most people believe that deceases such as cancer only relies on factors such as genes, but through extensive research, we have come to know that risks actually depend on a combination of both genes and the environment. Cancer may be caused by ultraviolet rays which damage the human skin. This can impact our lifestyle, but luckily we are able to limit the amount of exposure we get from UV rays.

Age And Cancer

In general, risks for any decease increases as we age. However, that does not mean we should be reckless about our health in our youths. You should be vigilant towards any unusual changes and see a healthcare professional if they are to occur, regardless of age.

Though the changes are greater as we age, many cancers are more prevalent in younger years. Sun exposure is generally higher amongst younger individuals, as they tend to explore more frequently, especially in mountains and oceans.
The chances of getting an infection are greater in the daytime in these places. Coming to a conclusion, age does not discriminate when it comes to defeating with the environmental effects, There are many facts and literature available online which shows how people of all ages have been infected.

CoolNES® Multifunctional Headwear

Neck Sun Protection

There are two proven solutions to protect your neck from sun exposure whether you are at work, playing outdoor games, traveling or experiencing new adventures: One is applying sunscreen lotion and the other is using UPF multifunctional fabrics around your neck.
The Neck Mask by CoolNES is the ultimate head accessory; its function provides a solution to facial sunburn by acting as a sun protective shield. The quick dry mesh fabric used for this fashion item has a ultraviolet protection factor 50, designed to breathe exceptionally under hot environments but more importantly blocking the Sun’s damaging UV rays.
CoolNES designed the Neck Mask with a young team of fashion gurus, focusing on a practical but trendy head accessory compatible with all headgear.
The Neck Mask was initially created to cover the neck area, a unique removable system to be worn with all caps, hats and helmets during hot and humid weather. However, the UV-blocking fabric, designed with a ventilated mesh composition and chemical free cooling properties now serves a double purpose. This functional accessory can be used as a face mask, not only for solar exposure but also cold, wind and snow conditions.

Face Mask

The 2 in 1 Neck flap I Face Mask with a twist and turn can be used for 2 functions. The colorful removable headbands can be switched and swapped to match the color of your flaps, caps, hats and helmets. The CoolNES brand provides the best alternative to sun protection.
When to use the 2 in 1 Neck Flap / Face Mask


Enjoying the outdoors on water crafts can be exciting and fun, nevertheless: whether it is a powerboat, sailboat or man-powered boat, you need to take in consideration sun exposure can have serious consequences to your skins health. Don’t forgot your CoolNES Neck Mask, whether you go fishing, wake boarding, boating or sailing. It’s easy to use and can be removed at any time.

Outdoor Activities

Love playing outdoor games? Tennis, football, golf and many other great sports tend to be under the Sun. Practicing these sports are great for your health, let CoolNES focus on protecting your skin from the damaging ultra violet rays. Stay cool, stay protected.


Cycling provides numerous benefits to the body, including sustained physical exercise. Cycling during the day and under the sun generates sweat on most of the body, including the neck. The Neck Mask can be easily used under your bike helmet, providing cooling and solar protection. Explore new roads, worry free from sun effects and keep fresh.


Fishing is an extremely popular leisure activity. Many people enjoy fishing on their boats, where direct sunlight as well as reflection of rays from water penetrates your skin. Wearing sun protection clothing is vital for your skin and its well-being. The UV sun rays are twice as damaging when on water, a Sun Face Mask is an essential head accessory when practicing similar outdoor hobbies.


The term mountaineering describes not only mountain climbing but also related activities such as rock, ice trekking, hiking and skiing. All these activities with high solar exposure usually have less atmospheric layer protection from the sun. Our products provide peace of mind, allowing you to be less concerned about your skin and more on your leisure time.

What Causes A Sunburn

Most likely you already know how sunburn occurs. The more exposure your body has to the sun the more likely you are to develop one.
Things only get more complicated from there. The sun gives off 3 different types of wavelengths of ultraviolet light. They are:


While UVC doesn’t reach the earth’s surface, UVA and UVB do. The UVA and UVB rays penetrate your skin and may cause damage to it.

When you have been outdoors for too long without proper protection, depending on your skin type, is when the sunburn develops. You may not always see it, but the damage caused by the sun can have an enormous effect on your body. Underneath your skin, the sun begins to alter your DNA, which can contribute to numerous skin diseases, unfortunately including skin cancer.

Year-Round Sunburn

Don’t be fooled by the change in temperature. Though you may develop a sunburn faster in the summer due to having warmer skin, the main factor is the UV radiation that is making its way in. As you may know, the sun reflects from many surfaces. Snow is just one of the many things the sun loves to reflect from, which increases the amount of exposure your skin is getting from the sun.

Sunburn Prevention

Thought you only needed to protect yourself from the suns harmful rays at the beach?
Think again. The higher you are from sea level the more your chances increase from sustaining damage caused from the UVB rays. Therefore, a winter trip to the Rocky Mountains can potentially cause similar damage as a summer trip to the beaches of Florida.

Sunburn is a reaction that is caused by the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Different skin types can have different effects, such as swelling, or itchiness. Sunburn can have different intensities, ranging from mild to severe. When you sunburn the redness that you see on your skin isn’t actually the burn, it is your blood rushing to respond to the damage. You can see this happening by pressing on your skin while you have sunburn, causing the skin to turn white.

Our Product

The best ways to prevent sunburn are sunscreen and certain types of clothing. Our main focus is to you with UPF clothing that is UV rated. As time goes on we uncover more medical information, and can better help with any concerns you may have. It is at the heart of our business to provide you with educative advice. The key to staying healthy is using the right products to protect your skin from the harmful rays while staying active.

As stated before, the UV rays can bounce back from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass. It can double the intensity of your burn. CoolNES offers accessories that heal you protect yourself from all outdoor activities.

The understanding of this generation is the succession of our brand. We design accessories which are lightweight, stylish, yet useful. Above all, it will provide the best protection from the sun while you use it.

The 2 in 1 neck flap face mask has a removable headband and is the ultimate choice for sun protection. Whether you are fishing, hiking, or even golfing, our face masks will provide the necessary amount of protection. You will be able to enjoy peace of mind while exploring and embarking on new adventures, knowing that your skin will remain healthy.

CoolNES®Flaps block 98% of the Sun’s UV rays using moisture-wicking light mesh fabric that offers UPF 50+ Sun Protection.