Is CoolNES® UV Protective? Yes. Clothing is rated according to a UPF rating. The higher a UPF rating, the more sun protection a garment offers. The CoolNES® fabric is quality approved and SGS Tested with a 50 UPF rating.
Can I wear CoolNES® all year round? Positive! For those polar climate regions our fabric offers a soft breathable feeling that will keep you warm during outdoor activities and when wet cool in hot conditions.
Can I use CoolNES® for my neck and face? Correct! CoolNES® can be worn as a face mask or a neck flap. If you purchase two CoolNES® you will obtain 360 degree protection.
Is CoolNES® compatible with all headgear? Yes! CoolNES® can be worn under or over any cap, hat or helmet.
Are the CoolNES® headbands removable? Yes and they are also sold separately in a pack of 10 cool colors.
What is CoolNES® made of? 100% polyester microfiber and 100% natural silicone.
What are the CoolNES® dimensions? Currently 8.5 inches / 22 cm long. The natural silicone bands are 100% non toxic, heat resistant. 18cm / 7 inches long – non slip – Doubles it stretch. In 2019 CoolNES® will be presenting an XL version for those with larger and longer heads.
Does CoolNES® keep you cool when wet? Yes! Try it and you will see.
Do I need to purchase 2 CoolNES® to obtain 360 degree protection? Yes, one for the neck and one for the face.
How do I care for or wash CoolNES®? Wash in cool water (washing machine is fine) and then hang to dry.